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I love this. It is a message created by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. If you have not watched her TEDtalk, leave this site immediately and go watch it. It will change your life. No hyperbole here. This message was recently made famous when The Oprah told us she has it posted in her make up room. I’m not usually a fan of The Oprah’s messages because I think they tend to inspire thought rather than action, but on this occasion I think she did pretty well!

I love it because it’s all about choice and ownership. These are huge themes for me at the moment. How you act is up to you. But, how you act also affects the people around you. And you know what? If you DON’T take responsibility and you DON’T bring good energy, then you can’t come in! You’re will be bounced. It’s totally up to you.

Plus I love the action in it. There is no procrastination. You’re at the door now – if you want to come in, you need to assess yourself. Immediately. Don’t make an excuse, don’t ask someone else for their opinion. Think, then walk.

I initially thought of naming my blog “You bring the u” because of the message in this quote. In my new home, Qatar, there is no ‘u’. For most western readers, this is jarring. It’s obviously missing – there is a gap. How are you going to fill it?

But then I decided the name was too try-hard and hipster-ish. So I named my blog in French! Ha! Ironical.