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Did I tell you I’m a health freak now? No? Well it’s true. A bona fide lettuce lover, that’s me.

You see I used to be sick and tired. Chronically. For about 10 years.

That was me, aged 16, failing French because I couldn’t focus in class. I was the chick who fell asleep in her Ancient History final exam when I was 18. The one who spent her uni years necking antibiotics; The one who used up all her sick leave last year; The one who knows all the receptionists at my GP’s office by name. I spent New Year’s Eve 2011 dragging myself out of bed at 11.45 pm to watch the fireworks over Tokyo Tower. My throat was so sore I couldn’t stay out in the cold for more than half an hour. In Tokyo City. On New Year’s Eve.

But most people probably would recognise me as the girl who always had to take a nap.

I was the one who was only half there. Who couldn’t commit and couldn’t focus. I once left a friend’s dinner party to go and have a sleep in my car because I had a headache so bad it hurt to smile.

My hair fell out. What kind of 28 year old can’t pin their hair back for fear of their scalp showing?

I’m a bit bitter when I look back. But that’s not me anymore. Cause I love lettuce now!

You see, I got over being sick and being tired. In a big way! So after some consultation with experts and some reading I decided to start an immunity-rebuilding ‘diet’.

I don’t like the word diet. I think people on diets are boring because they are often obsessive. Let’s be honest – they’re no fun to be around! But if there ever was a diet that fit the mold then it is this one! Ladies and Gentlemen let you introduce to you the world’s most boring and restrictive diet!

They call her ‘The Candida Diet’. And she’s my new best friend.

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