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Dear Velours,

If you’re not a food blogger, why are you posting recipes?



Ah, fair question dear reader made up person.

Here’s the thing. I was told by a naturopath that I’d have to go on the Candida Diet exactly 3 days before I left Sydney to move to Doha. I had time to spend about a million bucks on herbal supplements, print out my new diet and was off on a plane. My only other resource was a book called The Body Ecology Diet (more on this book later).

Now, despite the fact that the Middle East are champions at constructing the world’s tallest building, underwater hotels and indoor amusement parks, they’ve got nothing when it comes to ‘tricky’ eating. So you can forget your carob, your almond butter, your organic free range eggs. Hell I can’t even find rolled oats! They don’t exist here. So most of the recipes in my book were useless, as were the dozens of websites specialising in the Candida Diet. I have the same problem with websites that are full of sugar-free, gluten-free recipes that require boutique ingredients that can neither be bought nor shipped here.

So if you happen to find yourself plonked in the desert and you have an annoying restrictive diet like me, these recipes might help. For the most part they are completely sugar- and gluten-free. That includes honey people, ok? HONEY COUNTS AS SUGAR. Sheesh. They won’t necessarily be perfect for the Candida Diet though.

A note about structure: Since scouring the internet for recipes has become my latest addiction I’ve noticed that there is an increasing penchant amongst food bloggers to write some big long introduction to their recipe about what they did on the weekend and what their pet cat thought of their latest culinary triumph and you end up having to scroll down about 15 times just to get to the ingredients list which ends up using wheat flour and maple syrup. Annoying. I mean, I love food bloggers, but grrr. So my recipes will be backwards, with the introduction or ‘Preamble’ at the end. Enjoy!