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Egg cupI know. This sounds like a weird request. But I love soft boiled eggs or as I like to call them, dippy eggs, but search as I might I just could NOT find an egg cup anywhere. When I first arrived I just used the lid of the egg carton but that’s a real pain in the bum. Do the Arabs not eat soft boiled eggs? Or the French for that matter? I couldn’t find egg cups in any of the Carrefour branches.

So imagine my joy when I stumbled upon an egg cup in Daiso, the Japanese store in Hyatt Plaza (the one with the giant shopping trolly out the front, next to Villagio). It was 7 Riyals from memory. Or maybe 4. Whatever. I suspect this is not the first time I will find a gem in this little treasure chest of a store – there’s about 2 hours worth of browsing in this baby. And it feels like you’re in Japan! Hai!

Here are some more goodies that Daiso sell. Be sure to pamper that special someone with a body scrub…

LoofahGreen tea at Daiso