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Before we moved here this was definitely the hot topic (hehe sorry had to). What is life going to be like in a country that has? an average temperature of 41 in the summer? Will it be awful? Will we hate it? How will our dog cope? Isnt that cruel?

Well the answers are: great; no; nope; just fine; nah.

Keeping in mind that I love warm weather and absolutely loathe being even slightly chilly, the heat is great! Seriously! It feels like you’re on a tropical island every day of the week. I feel healthier being warm. I had a chronic sniffle before I came here and within 24 hours of landing I was breathing better than that guy on the Demezin ad.

People do hate it though and complain about it ad nausium. Boring! Cause the thing is, unless you’re one of those poor construction workers, you’re not out in the heat for even 5 minutes at a time, so who cares! Most people literally walk from their front door to their car, from their car to their office, repeat in reverse, lather, rinse … you get the picture. It’s not an issue.

Sure, the thermometer reads 46C for a few months but that’s in the sun. In the shade it feels much more like 38C! The issue of the heat is probably somewhat exacerbated by people like the lovely Sybil who made quite a name for herself when she baked cookies in her car.

The real killer is the humidity – especially if you’re a part-time four-eyes like me cause every time you walk outside your glasses fog up and you have to take them off and get all disorientated. But if you don’t wear glasses then there really is nothing to complain about. The really bad humidity this year lasted for about 3 weeks from the first week of August. By mid-September it was a distant memory.

Here’s something that will put it in perspective. My team at work and I have sit outside for lunch (undercover, of course) every single day. Even during summer. So you see, it’s totally bearable.

As for the dog, unfortunately she loves it too and it seems to have soothed her arthritic limbs, causing her to demand more walks than ever, right in the middle of the day. So you’d better watch out if you think you have a slow old dog – the heat might reverse the aging process!