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Last week I went to a lecture at VCU which I think is definitely worth a mention. It was part of a series called ‘Crossing Boundaries’. VCU is a design-focused university so all of the talks will have an arty slant.

I know nothing about art or design but I still found this talk really worthwhile and would definitely recommend going to the other talks. Any time someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about something wants to stand up and talk about it publicly you can count me in!

The speaker last Wednesday was Sonia Ashour, an interior designer based in Bahrain. From what I can tell so far, the culture in the Middle East is a very visual one – how things look is important so it was great to hear about the role of architecture and design in the lives of people in the region.

There are 5 more talks to go in the series. And the great news is they’re catered! There was a buffet set up with a great dessert section. I think I also saw some wine being handed around, but it could easily have been cola in a wine glass. Unfortunately the catering is not such great news if you’re sugar- and gluten-free. You people will have to make do with the chamomile tea provided at the beverage table (which was lovely, I might add). I wouldn’t count on the food though – there were a lot of very cheeky uni students who managed to get to the front first and piled their plates up like they were at Sizzler while the other guests had to stand in line for half an hour just to get a soggy spring roll.

The talk was held in the Atrium of the university. It was scheduled to start at 6 and when I arrived the place was packed and all the seats were full. The actual talk didn’t start til 6.30 pm cause the food served at 6 pm. I had to leave early cause I had pre-ordered at taxi for 7.30 pm so I’m not sure how long it went for.

Here are some pics from the night as well as a poster with a list of the other speakers in the series.

Crossing Boundaries Slide

VCU Qatar Crossing Boundaries

Sonia Ashour at VCU Qatar

Crossing Boundaries dates