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Bobbi Brown Blush

I’ve become a bit addicted to Primped.com. Their most well-known blogger, Zoe Foster, loves Bobbi Brown make up and brushes and so, so do I! But where to find it in Doha? City Centre mall, of course, in 4u. I’m not a huge fan of this mall so Bobbi is pretty much the only reason I would go there. Oh and they have a really cool homewares shop called Lakelands too but it’s a bit on the expensive side. But their range of stuff is way more cute and extensive than any other home stores I’ve seen (think heart-shaped baking trays) but sadly, most is out of my price range for now.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve also heard that you can nab some bargain Bobbi Brown goodies at Doha International Airport duty free but at time of writing I’m still on probation so haven’t had the pleasure of checking this out yet.

Zoe’s fav Bobbi products are her Eye Blender Brush, Bronzing Powder Brush and Creamy Concealer. All the Primped girls are also huge fans of her limited edition annual eye shadow palettes. This year she she has released Sand Tortoise Shell

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Eye Palette

Here’s a cool video on Mamamia of Zoe being interview by Mia Freedman on how she uses these products.