Rainbow Wedding Dress

Ah, well that all depends on the compound you’re in. I have only lived in large compounds. These are usually swarming with an army of (male) workers. They’re all friendly and harmless but they’re still there and I’d rather not divert their attention with my scantily clad-iness!

In the first compound we lived in I always covered at least either top or bottom completely. So if we were dog-walking and I was wearing shorts, I always wore a long sleeved shirt. Or if I was wearing haram pants I’d get away with a just T-shirt on top. It all depends on who is living in your compound. At Riviera Gardens there were a lot of Arab families so I’d cover up for their sake. I did it for the children!

In our new compound, things are much more relaxed and it’s mainly filled with western families which is GREAT cause I get to whip out the denim shorts!! Oh it was a happy day when we moved here. If this sounds appealing to you, make sure you consider it when choosing a compound. I usually cover my shoulders anyway cause I’m a sun safety-obsessed little Australian but otherwise you can pretty much wear whatever you want. Except your swimmers – you can only wear them around the pool, you tart!

Image Note: While you can pretty much wear what you want, please don’t get about in the above dress. Even though your legs are covered you will just look like a parrot.